Scabion Lotion Uses Side-effects Dose In Urdu

Scabion Lotion Uses Side-effects Dose In Urdu
Each gram contains: Crotamiton BP … 100 mg (10% w / w), Sulfur BP … 20 mg (2% w / w)
(Crotamiton + Sulfur) is a bactericidal and antipruritic agent.
It can be used in the form of creams and lotions for topical use only.
Scabion Lotion Uses is particularly useful for treating Scabies,
including secondary pyodermal infections.
This can be used to eradicate Scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei).
Source: primary itching, senile itching, anogenital itching, itching related to allergies, jaundice or diabetes, and itching caused by insect bites. Secondary infection of pyoderma.

Scabion Lotion Uses

It Used For the eradication of scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei).
Scabion Lotion Uses For Pruritus of varying origin. e.g essential pruritus, senile pruritus, anogenital pruritus, pruritus associated with allergies, jaundice or diabetes mellitus, and pruritus due to insect bites and stings. Secondary pyoderma infections.

What is it prescribed for?

  • Scabies
    This remedy is used to deal with relatively contagious contamination due to mites marked with the aid of using severe itching withinside the affected area.
  • Lice manifestation
    This remedy is used for the remedy of lice gifts at the scalp, pubic area, and different elements of the skin.

Dose In Urdu For SCABIES

Scabion Lotion Dose
After a warm bath, the patient should dry the skin and then thoroughly apply scabion cream, Scabaion lotion, or Scabion forte lotion on the skin of the whole body from the chin down to the toe, paying particular attention to all folds and creases. The application should be repeated once daily preferably in the evening. The bath should be taken before every application. All clothing and bed Lenin should be changed after each bath.
Treatment may be continued for 3-5 days depending on the response. In small children, only one application is recommended in a day.
Massage gently into affected areas until the medication is completely absorbed. Repeat as needed.
It should not be applied topically to patients who develop sensitivity or are allergic to it or who manifest a primary irritation response to topical medication.
If Severe irritation or sensitization develops, treatment with this product should be discontinued and appropriate therapy initiated.


Scabion Lotion In Urdu should not be applied to the eyes or mouth because it may cause irritation. It should not be applied to acutely inflame skin or raw weeping surfaces until the acute inflammation has subsided.
Scabion should be given to pregnant women only if clearly needed.

Scabion Side-effects

Side results

Major & minor aspect results for Scabion 1 % Lotion

  • Skin rash
  • Burning, itching, and inflammation of the pores and skin
  • Hair loss
  • Redness of pores and skin and/or scalp
  • Tingling and numbness of pores and skin

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