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Gravibinan Injection Uses ,Side effects  , Dose In Urdu

Gravibinan Injection In Urdu

1ml &2ml Gravibinan contains 250 mg hydroxyprogesterone
caproate and 5 mg estradiolvalerate in oily solution.

Solution for injection.

Gravibinan Injection Therapeutic indications

  • Prophylaxis of abortion, threatened abortion.

Gravibinan Injection

Gravibinan Injection Dosage and method of administration

  • Like all oily solutions Gravibinan must be injected intramuscularly.
  • Experience shows that the short-lasting reactions
  • (urge to cough, coughing fits, respiratory distress) which
  • occur in rare cases during or immediately after the injection of
  • oily solutions can be avoided by injecting the solution extremely slowly.

 Gravibinan Injection Prophylaxis of abortion

  • Three days after the rise in basal body temperature on about the 18th day of the cycle,
  • 1 ml Gravibinan is injected intramuscularly. Where conception has not occurred,
  • the basal body temperature falls again in the premenstrual period and there will be
  • normal or, occasionally, rather heavier menstrual bleeding. Sometimes the fall in
  • temperature may be delayed for 2-3 days.

Where failure of the menstrual bleeding and continued elevation of the basal body temperature indicate an early pregnancy, an intramuscular injection of 1 ml Gravibinan is given immediately. The hormone dose is doubled one week later, i.e. from the beginning of the sixth week of pregnancy on (the pregnancy is reckoned as starting on the first day of the last menstruation): 2ml. Gravibinan is administered intramuscularly every week
during the first months of pregnancy, in isolated cases even longer.

The diagnosis of pregnancy should be confirmed by an immunological pregnancy test about two weeks after failure of the expected menstruation.
Therapy is also of advantage when a patient with a predisposition to habitual abortion does not come for treatment until after the start of the fresh pregnancy. 2 ml Gravibinan is injected intramuscularly immediately, followed by 2 ml Gravibinan intramuscularly every week during the first months of pregnancy, in isolated cases even longer.
-Threatened abortion.

To institute treatment, 2 ml Gravibinan is injected intramuscularly twice weekly until the bleeding stops. Bed-rest is urgently advised during this time. When the bleeding ceases, 2
ml Gravibinan is to be given intramuscularly weekly for some weeks until the patient remains free from complaints and bleeding despite mobilization. Whether Gravibinan therapy is to r be continued as a prophylactic measure must be decided individually.
A history of herpes of pregnancy, thromboembolic processes.

Special warnings and special precautions for use

  • According to the present state of scientific knowledge,
  • medicinal therapy should be given in early pregnancy only if it is absolutely.
  • essential. This is also valid for the use of hormone preparations such as Gravibinan for the maintenance of pregnancy.
  • Consequently, Gravibinan should only be prescribed if there is an urgent desire for children – primarily in the presence of corpus- luteum insufficiency or a case history of abortion.
  • Because Gravibinan places the uterus at rest, it is possible for an already dead embryo to be retained.
  • In the case of protracted therapy, it is, therefore, necessary to check the continued existence of pregnancy by means of appropriate examinations and immunological tests.
  • It has been concluded from epidemiological surveys that the use of oral estrogen/progestogen containing ovulation inhibitors is attended by an increased incidence of thromboembolic diseases.
  • Although no such associations are suspected for injectable steroidal preparations of similar composition, one should keep particularly where there is a history of thromboembolic diseases of the presence of severe diabetes with vascular changes of sickle cell anemia.

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