Anemia Symptoms , causes Treatment In Urdu||Anemia


Anemia is a Disease which Include Different Symptoms and causes,Treatment which  Include following paragraph we give you information shortly and easy way to learn this tips for describe Anemia

Anemia Symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. headache
  3. vertigo
  4. pale skin color
  5. Nail like spoon shape
  6. shortness of breath
  7. eye sclera yellowish
  8. palpitation
  9. ankle oedema
  10. loss of energy
  11. leg cramps
  12. insomnia
  13. memory weakness

Anemia Causes 

  1. Gastric Ulcer
  2. inflammation
  3. trauma blood loss
  4. stress
  5. intestinal ulcer
  6. intestinal bleeding
  7. jaundice
  8. hepatitis
  9. kidney failure
  10. Bone marrow cancer
  11. nutritional Anemia
  12. folic acid & vitamin B 12 Anemia (megaloblastic anemia)
  13. Intestinal Absorption


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